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  • I deliberately left out a crucial buff to equalize stance but of course non of you would know. Apex or not it would make no difference to me result would be the same. Perhaps you should go learn your classes instead of wasting time on the forum.[/qu…
  • (Quote) lul guardian gear with awakened skills of course ur gonna kill it fast , still i really dont see a good reason not to increase the drop rate .
  • (Quote) i dont think thats the point he wanted to make but w/e , if someone spends 16x vanguards in IoD , he probably wants to get gear to do higher dungs for better rewards or you know just farm EP,Gtalents,tokens , if not whats the point of doing…
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  • (Quote) definitely talking about tier 3 , but an increased rate of motes is all around IoD so it shouldn't matter which tier i suppose ( not related to priests 1-shots )
  • (Quote) not sure if you're being sarcastic or not but i really still dont see why you people are against such an idea , and the only reason im askin and so are whole lot of ppl for it to be increased is because they made IoD the only way to get a s…
  • what i dont get is why some people are opposed to the idea more motes = faster farming , i dont see any downside to something like this , it can be helpful to every kind of player if u dont like an increase rate of motes just dont pick them up when …
  • (Quote) well said, i dont think theres any badside to 100% drop rate , hopefully we can get a response from eme staff
  • (Quote) i guess thats also an issue when theres double drop events but thankfully theres 3 type of bams for each tier haha hopefully the motes can be increased , and i wouldn't mind extra channels but thats probably askin too much
  • i guess the post is gonna just fade away ._. feelsbadman
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  • (Quote) that does kinda make sense i guess but it is what it is , iod is already a part of us *.*
  • (Quote) haha hopefully eme can pick up on this tbh , and that it doesn't come to negative comments that are not needed ^^ thanks for the input
  • or add silver talents iod bams ._.
  • (Quote) (Image) got no idea who is the artist , credits to him , but i present to u amani ninja lol