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  • There are also a few pets you can get from achievements. If you look under Rewards, then Items on your achievement list it shows them there. I also wrote a pet/partner guide, and have a video theres a link on my profile here under my location.
    in Pets? Comment by GunnerKae June 9
  • Yeah @counterpoint I tried going through all the games permissions, everything seems A-ok there so.. idk I'm just happy it helped someone else. Lol I spent 3 hours trying to get the game to launch, I nearly fell outta my chair when running admi…
  • @VictoriaKeat try running the launcher as an administrator. Mine wouldn't launch the game either, but that seemed to fix it for me, for now. I'm on steam, I had to find the launcher in my steam folder.
  • You have to go onto your profile page and set your display name for the forums. To your first question, yes I think the player base is pretty decent, you'll see people basically everywhere you choose to explore. Also, if you have friends playing a…
  • @Kogorii if your ilvl is 428 you still need to do the "gift for the goddess" quest. That will progress your gear to 439 then you can continue the apex quest line. You may need to hit 429 for that quest to open up??? Grab some inner armor if you dont…
  • Sorry got my quests confused. Those are part of the new lvl 70 content. Lvl 66+ story quests.
  • You can get some of the crafting designs from Lilith's Keep. I was thinking gold plate was one of them but I dont remember now. Double drops there this weekend, it's a good time.
  • The entropic emblem shop has gold/silver talents and that's all. They are quite a few emblems each though. Maybe 20ea????? I dont remember off hand. You can dismantle entropic emblems into metamorphic emblems as well I think.
  • The written form of my companion guide is now available! Its posted in the description of my companion guide video/tonight's stream (5/22/19) on my YouTube. So if you would like to read through a pet guide, have it at and let me know if something ne…
  • Semi enigmatic scrolls are for rerolling the selectable skills on a piece of gear, unless they've changed that. (I havent tried in quite a while) Yes! For sure you should be infusing your gear, look over the skills on the fusion weapon and see if …
  • @xXshiroeXx I stream Tera on YouTube, and I've got a stream style guide where I talk about partners live and I've got a Google docs text based guide written as well. I'll be posting the docs link to the written one later today in the description of …
  • @xXshiroeXx ohhh i see. I've not had an unregistered partner yet, I've gotten all mine from evolution, and those are auto registered. Thank you so much for that information, I will add it to my guide.
  • @xXshiroeXx interesting I did not know certain partners would not get the barrier, did you read this somewhere?? Urgent recovery is probably a decent skill as long as it triggers.
  • I do agree there could be more things to make a guild more interactive, but part of that is on your guild and its leadership. There are many things you can do together, gaurdian events, party up and fight world bosses, achievement hunt, the list go…
  • @xXshiroeXx In my opinion, combining pets is a waste, due the the difficulty of acquiring more pets. It takes less than 30 minutes to gather the mats to craft an evolution core. Yes, the success chance for an evolution core to work is low but again.…