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  • (Quote) With all due respect, I would strongly recommend you to use skill predictor before trying to even argue your point. Desyncing is already a problem in tera even without skill prediction. Heck, I could easily do that without anything, just lo…
  • (Quote) Grow up would you? You have no idea what Skill Prediction is, its not predicting what other people will use on their skill. Its meant to ensure that chains work without ping tax (Aka that irritating Debilitate - Spring Attack, or Reaper's S…
  • (Quote) Oh hey. I am part of the "majority" of the players. I can tell you that if these 3rd party programs users were to quit, you probably won't even be able to queue for dungeons, let alone HH raids or PVP. A 300ms wanting to be even …
  • Have been avoiding comments on this issue, but I seem to have reached my limits here. Lets face it, a lot of idiots who have no idea what the actual situation is will go on saying that these "Third-Party" software are cheats and exploits.…
  • TL:DR: Avid PVE player unhappy with too many unfixed issues and recent actions. Here are just some thoughts from an avid PVE player here. I get bored when I see dungeons repeating similar mechanics, or just a blatant copy-paste. Ever since SCHM tim…
  • one more question though, say you have balders buff on (For some reason, someone accidentally buffed you, etc) do you simply wait it out before initiating or is there some way to remove buffs.
  • Well, i happen to play brawler, and the main reason for going slaying is to updps for SSHM score runs. And yes, I do agree that we avoid the balders buff but brawler happens to have no overcharge though.