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  • (Quote) So you're taking a graph from ONE of TERA's clients, the least used one as well, as your guide for OVERALL population, forget me, I need some of tht [filtered] you're on.
  • Don't listen to all the gloom doomers and their over exaggerations. Unfortunately the game is as it was a couple years ago. Nothing much has change in terms of how you play the game, new gears, skills etc. The merge did nothing, and the DCMA did not…
  • I am sorry, and this goes for any mmo that has been out for quite some time, and you are now jumping in. There are basics everyone needs to know/have. The correct gear, setup etc. One must know their class BEFORE reaching max lvl. Not when your rea…
  • (Quote) This is grossly exaggerated. At least on Velika server, there are no such things, speaking from being a member of a top guild, top 3 tbh, as well as part of others. Those guilds that demand HO are very few and far between, and its usually o…
  • Yes its worth playing in NA
  • Damage is fine, it just reverted to what it was before Apex and before the 30% pre-apex buff. Ninjas are high damage though, just at mid range now. You need to change your playstyle
  • Since everyone is ranting, I might as well. I have been playing with 70-80 ms ping. I do end game content with no issues. However I tried the proxy. I can see why people are pissed . For me even though it wasn't game changing, the game was better ov…
  • If you want the BiS gear you need money and lots of it. Most people dont have the time to grind as you would normally have to for it. So in that sense, the game has designs built in, if you spend money you can get BiS gear, but its choice, not a nec…
    in p2w Comment by JohnRees69 June 2018
  • (Quote) You may think it works like that but no. And if you as a ninja stands next to most classes in terms of VSHM dps, then the other DPS are bad. Equally geared and skilled players in their respective classes, ninjas DPS is laughable , and yes I…
  • (Quote) Dont sugarcoat. Ninjas in the overall DPS chart or in a group with equally geared and equally skilled playerss are at the bottom. You can have all the rotations down etc etc, you still will be bottom. Main thing is what you wassnt to do in …
  • Valks are past flavor of the month status. They have been out in Korea since last year, been top there since , even after nerfs. We havent seen half of those updates yet in NA, so valks will be top for a very long time. And I never said not to make …
  • Advice - delete. I agree, for me ninjas have the best gameplay. But honestly you're a liability. You are the bottom of the ladder, even after future buffs. You wil only be accepted if you IMS, if you have really good friends/guild, or simply if no o…
  • hmm thanks very much. although I am partial to the focus heal on the chest.........but i might reroll since the VM staff has extra healing stats.
  • ok, but will the loss of the 8/9 endurance on the last set bonus for 5 pieces (if i run ambush/deathwrack weapon alone wth the rest misery) be important/a setback/ or trivial, negligible.
  • Same for Deathwrack and the 4 misery pieces.