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  • Honestly, I'm not even surprised anymore that we have to keep making these threads. Can we please add the dungeons that are mainly related to the current patches gear progression? I think it's quite reasonable and obvious. Thanks.
  • You honestly can't just not notify any player base about this and have everyone under the impression that it ends today from what it says directly on the game. Imagine if I signed a contract for 8/9 to purchase a condo and the day arrives and I'm li…
  • (Quote) This doesn't even mention anywhere that the seasons are pushed back from what it says directly on the leaderboards on the game. How is that fair to have players wait more days when they are under the impression it ends today?
  • (Quote) I'm sorry but what? It says directly on the leaderboards that the season ends on 8/9 at 10 AM PDT. Why does it state that it ends today if we have to sit around waiting for a "content update"
  • Thank you!
  • Wow. What great service. LOL.
  • (Quote) None of the moonlight skills are working for any of the Valks in my party, and the lag is ALOT worse than before the reset.
  • I'm assuming there is no way around this unnecessary prompt now? That is really irritating to click, especially if you have to continuously click an extra few steps with a cooldown on the BG you're queueing for.
  • Nope, the fights were started after the parties were made, but thank you both :) .
  • Thank you! I was getting stressed out by it, I killed it 6 times already and it won't give me the credit :(.