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[TERA Console] Server maintenance to deploy the v84.03 hotfix is scheduled for 7~11 p.m. PT on Monday, July 13, 2020. This hotfix should improve upon issues with frequent crashes and blue screens. Patch notes: https://bit.ly/v84_03_patch



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  • leave yourself a door to get back in 3yrs ago i thought i came to a point im giving up tera for good, gave all away, npced rest aaand came back 2 months ago because i just wanted to see where did tera go to within those 3 years also missed abit of t…
  • heh, good theres maintenance from time to time so we are forced to check up on forums a friend of mine has exact same problem. TL;DR no idea what the f is wrong first what to stress out, it occured only during some instances, and only instances. w…
  • dont want to elaborate, nightfall weapon skin ka blood cherry, me wants! ty in advance
  • you shuld print and put it on every wall in your office what @CassandraTR wrote furthermost...starting launcher, click on patch notes next to "news" ....last update december 2017...shake my F head.... tho i will rewrite what Cassandra wro…
  • im not in hate train wagon, if its meant to improve fairplay and in overall summary work for our (just gamers, not min maxing tryhards) benefit its cool with me BUT id love to see EME treats us respectfully as partner in trade and provide all necces…
    in GDPR Comment by KFKXFCT76P June 2018
  • not to mention, i personally avoid discord so i must rely on 3rd hand information but its a personal choice i have to live with, same would go with facebook which thankfully never registered to, somewhat i avoid any sht thats overcrowded and interfe…
  • yup, can confirm although it takes some time for the malware to load then game to start.....so take double of usual time if not more, but it works ps. server still not up...back to [filtered] child syndrome and camping that refresh button
  • (Quote) funny thing how they turned process of patching into russian roulette im in need of 2 or 3 worldbosses for the achievements, trying to get to diamond laurel, and because people farm them one of few last options is to try to log in first aft…
  • whats EN manifest? reseted pc, maybe that malware needed to properly sit in registry, but still have insufficient memory GG
  • (Quote) and yet, if you seem to lack gold talents, you are either lazy af or impatient little brat. no need to go salty, just suck it up and embrace the fact neither you nor me have any impact on game design. also there is few advantages of that sy…
  • ah im just salty for the sake of being salty :P can i be compensated in other way tho? like another 8hr less of that event? XD j/k
  • (Quote) what about those of us who are not so fond about it? its just wee i can finish guardian routine abit faster and weee thats it...i know, zerk syte, i can now press one button instead of three and wreck sh... can it be more dumb?? edit: forg…
  • yup, misnight already thought could do at least guardians before sleep skipping totally option to check new dungeon...but now even this seems to be to scratch aswell >.<
  • (Quote) question is, will that be sufficient? if with upcoming in pain patch there will be no change to drop rates, just the removal of vanguard bonus, all of us who are not yet SC +7-9 are in deepest of the deep.... i recently returned after 3yr+ …
  • but fret not! soon broker will be flooded with sh*tton of gold talents as the struggle will shift to other area...where to get the mats needed for failgrading your correction on SC gear since emblems are being removed from vanguard rewards :)