[PC] We are aware of issues surrounding the event EP booster, and are working to resolve this. Currently, we are working towards having this fixed on Tuesday, 02/25 in a hotfix maintenance. We will have further details as we approach this fix. Thank you for your patience and understanding!



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  • (Quote) Meanwhile us sane people understand sometimes things are region locked. I play on NA and on EU and I am an NA player ,recently EU had a contest with a really nice prize and the rules said " Open to only players residing in Europe.&qu…
  • (Quote) We're not talking about bread, we are talking about a Game that is NA based. If EU players are really that upset go talk to Gameforge and get the bundle on EU's server. Stop pulling this "Everyone is racist toward me" BS. You are…
  • (Quote) No, it's not discrimination because you are playing on Tera North America and the Twitch Prime rewards are for North America ( Meaning US, Mexico,Canada.) It is the same as if tera EU did an event for EU players only ( which they did. The …
  • Meanwhile, on EU they get it the 28th.
  • (Quote) Pointing out that I have accidentally hit someone elses bam before because I didn't see the person in time. It's not always someone being an [filtered].
  • (Quote) Are you seriously [filtered]....about a maintenance...they gave multiple announcements over...and crying because once maintenance started they had no more announcement? I think we need to tighten your helmet again because you are special.
  • If there is no announcement, and no warnings it means there is no maintenance for today and will likely happen Thursday instead. You would think people would be brighter this day and age.
  • Because if Darics dropped in dungeons the people who crafted them would be meaningless. It also does not take that much money to upgrade frost if you have the gear XP and are in a guild with people who will turn Golden Talents into Darics. My guild …