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  • (Quote) which is [filtered], becuese Tera on Console is Dead on arrival... how many people do you seriously think are going to play past getting to level 65? hardly any. no PC player is going to play console, sense you would lose all of your progre…
  • more like they banned 90% of the playerbase for making the game playable above 60 FOV. Tera being dead confirmed.
  • (Quote) exactly Tera needs a FOV slider, along with an entire patch of just optimzation's. it's not up for dissusion. it's just what needs to happen. 60 FOV isn't playable, and is why 90% of Tera's players use the FOV keybind.
  • the catalyst clearly has mental disabilities, it's best to ignore their ilk.
  • if EME ban people for simple quality of life Fixes they have failed to implement in 4 years, then they are at fault not the players. FOV sliders are [filtered] on consoles now. Tera has had no optimization since Beta. the players are not at fault E…
  • Tera will be dead in a month anyways, since EME seems determined to ban 99% of the players so... guess no aniversery Update. only Shills defend EME at this point, and shills are not people, they are sub human
  • lag/ FPS are 2 completly diffren beats you cannot group them togeather. l FPS Optimization was promised back in Beta, we never got it. ever. that's on BHS side. Lag wasn't bad for most of Tera life. it got really bad back in november and hasn't eve…
  • (Quote) so is things like Nvidia Inspector. is that a banable to? see what the problem being Vague is? what about steam? that's a 3rd party tool also.need I go on?
  • (Quote) doean't help that the game always translates the korean text In real time when you open up a window. but we knew this back in 2013. that's a big reason why KTera doesn't have the same issue, when it comes to the UI. are version translates i…
  • (Quote) threads are being closed because EME refuse to use common sense, and are trying to silent the playerbase, pro Tip it never works. the problem is that EME have down nothing to say what's a bannable offense, if your injecting malicious [filte…