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  • DId he use marrow brooch?
  • @Shishao HH20 loot got improved even more, these are the changes we are going to get in EU from tomorrow Harrowhold - Additional loot added to Phase 4, starting Thursday, July 13th Everybody will receive: 3 Superior Etching Boxes 2 x 100 Vanguar…
    in HH loot Comment by Kirely July 2017
  • I have the same issue of lag spikes when activating nocts and spamming skills with them. Reported this already even in EU but there patch arrived and nocts lag is still there so w/e... hh without nocts will be fun...
  • When i got 65 on my mystic in MT i used that scroll for my hurricane weapon x)
  • > @ShadowOfLight said: > Here's why. > http://i.imgur.com/GbqxXcy.png > You can tank [filtered] in vm gear that has had 3.5 vm sets released since. well, you can but you dont have to. i mean, look at your loss of dps you get from …
  • im playing my archer with power innerwear and +174 crit (old resized jewlery) and i feel perfecly fine. all the top archers in my server/region play with around same crit and power innerwears > @LesbianVi said: > I also mentioned the resi…
  • (Quote) Well, i just tried with blue nocts and that's the graph of my net: (Image) Mid part is when i started to spam skills with blue nocts It happens the same with the nocteniums in battleground Also wanna add that i tried also with inventor…
  • > @Seraphion said: > I'm not an expert regarding the TERA market, but I've read that Goddess's Gemstones will be dropping in VSHM. I could imagine this might reduce the price of Quaterfoil brooches (edit: since they are the most expensive par…
  • Afaik, valkyries can pass trought the gate if they use their backstab on it and they are already near it, atleast that's how i heard and saw, didnt have way to try myself since i dont have a valkyrie
    in Hack or what? Comment by Kirely May 2017
  • (Quote) ehm.... ??????????????
  • In what world are EU dragons cheap? 1.5 dragons are over 600k and 2.0 dragons are the most rare item in the region: either you try to rng it with events that happen once every patch (talking about cashing from 500 to 1k €) or try to find a seller, p…
  • (Quote) That's why are those classes that need to be nerfed, not sorc to be buffed
  • I believe sorc with triple crit glyphs would be too broken. Hailstorm is fine, is the best dmg per cast skill and there was a reason why lightning strike got a 15% dmg nerf. I can understand that some sorcs can be jelly about archers/warriors/valkyr…
  • I got 3 lancers, all same gear except for the weapon: one is vm8.5+15, one is vm7+15 and the last is misery+12. Damage seems like be vm8.5+15 >> vm7+15 >= misery+12
  • Lakan's charms will be "nerfed after patch": you will be able to buy only the manor/estate rings and earrings, glyph boxes and guile equipment will be removed. So, if you need glyphs for any of your chars better use them now!