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  • This is true but it still doesn't help deal with the people who do bail. Lost count at how many times people bailed just because its a dungeon they don't like in XIV. Hey I may hate a few of those dungeons but I won't bail just because its one I hat…
  • Only real complaint I have is not being able to play Gunner or Valkeryie, those are my favorite classes.
  • Its been almost 3 hours and I still can't get on, how much longer do you think it will be?
  • Its easy to tell its PC footage cause you can also see Gunner and Ninja in the footage and those aren't even out on console yet either.
  • Also I noticed that in the valkeryie race class they didn't add the two hairstyles one of which I really like.
  • (Quote) Yeah I agree, plus the other classes just seem kind of dull compared to gunner and valkeryie. With those two classes I feel like I am dancing around on the battle field and actually having fun.
  • When do you think they will release gunner and valkeryie on to the PS4 version? Those are my favorite classes.