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  • https://imgur.com/a/LKeTi Hopefully these refs of the bow are good!
    in Doodles~ Comment by Kitsubii March 2018
  • Not sure if you're still doing these, but if you are here are a few of my characters! https://imgur.com/a/SqdXm - Elin Priest https://imgur.com/a/rlJmb - Female Castanic Archer!
    in Doodles~ Comment by Kitsubii March 2018
  • Ty for the opportunity! Heres a few of my characters: ❀ Elin Priest : https://imgur.com/a/SqdXm ❀ Elin Ninja : https://imgur.com/a/uovTk ❀ Female Castanic Archer : https://imgur.com/a/rlJmb
  • Here is my Elin Priest~ ✿ https://imgur.com/a/SqdXm Or a couple other options: ✿ https://imgur.com/a/uovTk Ninja ✿ https://imgur.com/a/rlJmb Fem Castanic Archer
  • (Quote) They have actually given smart boxes for 7-day/3-day costumes. I have ones in bank for pirate costumes, perky panda costumes, etc. (Image)
  • I love your art! I'm wondering if you take elite vouchers for payment? I'm very interested in a couple waist up!
  • (Image) "A-are you sure this place isn't haunted?" Name: Momoe Server: Celestial Hills Category: Cutest Direct Link~ https://i.imgur.com/SOrcR1K.jpg
  • Not sure if you are still looking for characters to draw, but if you are I'll leave my priest as a reference if you have time ^-^ https://imgur.com/a/lo8rA Her personality is very shy and cutesy~
  • Your chibis are so adorable! Thank you for this opportunity! https://imgur.com/a/lo8rA This is a few angles of my priest~ She's really shy and cutesy