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  • Gotta love when you bring a logical response to a discussion and the first thing the person does is default to insults.
  • Basically they realized the first nerf they did was still not enough so they nerfed it again. That's why as soon as the roll back happened I converted right away anticipating they would further reduce the conversion ratio.
  • Items at this point should be slowly being returned, the issue seems to have been resolved. (Please close this thread)
  • Items at this point should be slowly being returned, the issue seems to have been resolved.
  • (Quote) I kinda want to buy more emp so I can do what I did prior to the emergency, but I will wait as I plan not to get burned out of my money a second time until they are sure they are doing working on this.
  • They are looking into it right now, as it stands, the free buffs they offered are working, but none of my items have been restored, so i'm trying to give it time. At this point I would just be fine with my EMP reimbursed even if I have to lose the a…
  • Wait let me clarify something, you're saying BEFORE the tuesday patch or before the emergency maint? Because I claimed the wings and bought the EMP and sold the two items and what not a few hours prior to the actual emergency maint. Either way every…
  • I had purchased EMP, had Anniversary wings, a Liberation Scroll, Elite Voucher and Race change voucher. The Wings were claimed, the Liberation and Elite voucher were sold and the race change voucher was used. Everything else that I also claimed from…
  • GG all my items in the Item claim were removed, including Anniversary Wings and anything I bought pre patch.
  • Alright well here is hoping. Essentially went something like this 1.Saved up materials in bag 2.Did some conversions for extra materials 3.Bought some EMP 4.Sold some items 5.Jumped from Guardian to FM 6.Went to bed 7.Woke up to Emergency Maint lol…
  • So quick question, what's the chances all the materials I spent going form Guardian to FM are just considered gone?
  • (Quote) I hear you, i'm just cheesed I finally was starting the apex quest and poof, from full FM+0 all the way back to Guardian....
  • I'm fine with this Rollback as long as they plan to reimburse every single EMP,Gold and materials I used prior to the Maint, finally got my char to Frostmetal so i'm going to be cheesed if I comeback only to fail everything again.