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  • I just realized today that mine were gone. I held onto a set after the event a couple years ago that gave the Jade mounts because at that time EME's official stance was that we could hold onto the letters and save them for a future letter event. I w…
  • (Quote) Thank you. I was just considering restarting my elite status again but this just really reinforces my decision to stay f2p, especially while my desire to even log in is dwindling. I don't know who's version of "high level of service&qu…
  • (Quote) I take issue with your phrasing "play TERA frequently" because prior to my stopping playing Tera almost a year ago Alliance was my end game, not the dungeons. I played every single day, god only knows how many hours a day. So to p…
  • These threads never fail to be a great resource for comedy. To the people who said they're missing out on essentially the only time they have to get in and do dailies, etc., it sucks to be in that position but it's not like they sat around a table t…