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  • Started my sketch process today, eager to give this my all and see everyone else's entries!
  • (Quote) I'm sorry you feel so strongly negative over a few words I wanted the Enmasse team to hear. If that's what I have to be to share a little appreciation to a team who works hard for us, then so be it.
  • (Quote) I'm not familiar with what you're speaking of. Believe it or not, I play this game for the joy of the events and spending time with my friends. Please keep future negativity out of this thread as I originally asked in the main post, thank y…
  • (Quote) You're doing fine, Spacecats, the whole Enmasse team is. xD As Deluso mentioned earlier with the quote- you can't please everyone. They're bound to always have demands, no matter how much you do. But since you did cause the derailing, does …
  • While I realize you're all responding to Spacecats inquiry- the topic of this thread is not only being de-railed but the posts are contradicting the reason why I started this thread in the first place. Please make your own thread if you wish to cont…
  • (Quote) The goofy stuff on April Fool's Day? Lilith's Hard weekend event? Spacecat's weekly twitch stream? How about the double dungeon drop the weekend before? A giant new-class included update coming next week? All in a two-week span? Just becaus…