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  • @CEYPRN64CX i can confirm the base dmg increase, chase cd, VM/FW cancel to 100%. the base dmg increase was a part of the archer revamp, but we didnt get it at release. the rest feels like, but its more that we should get it with the patch, i guess e…
  • Archer class changes: Skills that received increased Base Damage - Penetrating Arrow about 25% - Radiant Arrow about 25% - Rain of Arrows about 10% - Rapid Fire about 15% -Thunderbolt 100% - Explosion Trap by 20% Chase CD reduced to 20sec (glyphab…
  • There was a issue with the buff ui. The ui dosnt schow the stacks correct. But they fixed it. RF dosnt give any focus stacks since release yet. Someone told me that RF gave him stacks pre lvl 65. So it could be the same issue with CQ. The final s…
  • @Rosevonteer yes i know. But RF dosnt give any Focus Stacks and SF is totally weird. First Hit 2 Stacks, second 2 Stacks, third 3 Stacks and last one 3 wich result in the chrage buff. (2,4,7,10)
  • @Rosevonteer yes, i know what do you mean, but i guess the Buff UI its just bugged in general. its not a specific Archer Problem.
  • PS4 EU Zyrnaxis I cant log in to my Archer and Brawler. My Priest, Sorcerer and Reaper works fine. A Friend have access to all his Chars (Warrior, Mystic, Lancer)
  • Focus is in this patch. Archer recived the ravamp (but just the half) Arrow and Sequentel Fire give Focus Stacks.
  • for the radiant arrow vs Thunbolt i guess the reason that RA deal more DMG then TB, its becuase we didnt get the full archer revamp. Penetrating Arrow about 25% Radiant Arrow about 25% Rain of Arrows about 10% Rapid Fire about 15% Thunderbolt 100% …
  • (Quote) I can confirm, it dosnt work on my Female Castanic too
  • i noticed this too on my female Castanic, i made a video of this issue https://youtu.be/kCHPM9WGCHc