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[TERA Console] Server maintenance to deploy the v84.03 hotfix is scheduled for 7~11 p.m. PT on Monday, July 13, 2020. This hotfix should improve upon issues with frequent crashes and blue screens. Patch notes: https://bit.ly/v84_03_patch



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  • @Exipheus You know how it is: screenshot or it never happened (kidding). Gotten a few? You obviously got better RNG than me ;) Being a healer main, it's harder to get Legion Boxes/completions. I know I know: it ain't THAT bad when set for DPS but y…
  • I probably wasnt paying attention enough or I missed the part where it talks about how much crafting is necessary (like NECESSARY) to obtain let's say golden darics, or the fact that this designs costs 53500 gold. It doesnt really drop from anywhere…
  • Since the DW update, mystic mote drop cancels if you only slightly move in any direction making us very vulnerable 3s, even more because you still get the cooldown. I think someone already mentionned that sometimes you have the full animation of mot…
  • Mystic bug: since update, any movement will cancel mote dropping wich is very bad mostly because it will chain to next skill as if that skill was used. Ain't good for pvp survival ^^