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[TERA Console] Server maintenance to deploy the v84.03 hotfix is scheduled for 7~11 p.m. PT on Monday, July 13, 2020. This hotfix should improve upon issues with frequent crashes and blue screens. Patch notes: https://bit.ly/v84_03_patch



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  • > @Chiv said: > Is there any inclination as to when the console will get the Skycastle expansion? If anything what will happen is they will put the basic guild stuff first before the sky castle. Sky castle probably won’t happen for a very …
  • Where is everyone getting the idea they fixed this. It was only updated to show your main server and character they never officially said they fixed it yet so stop assuming when you see something new. BUT from my personal experience. It’s been loggi…
  • It’s not a glitch or broken they just didn’t add it to console yet. If I had to take a educated guess why it’s problably because of stability problems. In pc you can have a lot to do with guilds. Quest, Raids, Bank, Guild Hall, and at some point “th…
  • lol it’s sad but this is true haha
  • Post update. For console they added this feature. I don’t know about pc tho
  • > @LordDrazik said: > That's the problem, the "Well, we can always just patch it later." approach is the standard now days. It is unfortunate that developers think that way. I fear the days of getting a complete and fully working g…
  • Lol you know what forget it. Your just complaining at this point and everyone trying to explain to you how things work. Good luck with your problem your loss.
  • > @YX4HW6WFDW said: > I used the Microsoft money . The little prepaid cards you get from the store If that’s the case they would put the money into your account. So long if you have proof of purchase and maybe the card not sure about car…
  • Geez this happens? I have 10 character on mine all at least lvl 47 I would be pissed if I lost any of them
  • > @Myx said: > Oh sry, I don't wanted to argue about that. Its only my opinion that selling pixel multiple times is better than selling them only one time. ^^ It’s an optional thing. The way they do it is buying for one character is normal…
  • > @Wi2ard said: > You don't have to spend any money on a new mount for a new character. EVERY character gets a FREE mount. I’m aware you get a standard horse but that isn’t my point. Some people like having a cool looking mount or slightl…
  • They should really explain that when you buy founder packs
  • That’s why you get your money back, figure out what’s wrong, then once it’s fixed. Hopefully purchasing should be much smoother for you cause you know what’s up
  • So you rather throw your money away then to get it back while you can to be on the safe side if all else should fail. That makes sense. But anyways your wasted money. And they are packed most likely with tickets right now if I had to take a educated…
  • > @Wi2ard said: > I don't know about time zones, but I would like to know the server locations, if they are in different locations. I'd much rather play on a server in the eastern USA than in the west. This is what I ment by time zones