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  • Making it easier for console users i guess
  • I know right?!! I reached 65 like 2 days ago and was laughing at that scroll XDDDDD
  • (Quote) It's very similar to the one the other person posted so I'll play around with those glyphs, ty =) And thank you for going out of your way screenshotting it :+1: Ah, That's very good to know. I still have a lot of getting used to before so…
  • (Quote) Thanks! I'll follow it, I think it's a good way to start :) (Quote) I'll add you when I get in-game later on =)
  • > @Themelon said: > you might want to leave your contact information maybe? :P Oh derp! Thank you :)) ign: Maiiyuu Extra u cause Maiiyu was taken by some lowbie :/
  • > @Sakokii said: > I suggest giving this page/site a look! Plenty of useful information :3 > https://www.essentialmana.com/mystic-guide-pve/ It seems old-ish but i'll give it a try, thank you ;)
  • Thread Necromancy at it's best
  • Agreed! I'm a returning player, last time I played Tonka was still the CM. Back in those days, EME will NEVER make changes based on a few people QQing in forum. That's probably because the staff legit plays the game and knows if it's just a QQ threa…
  • (Quote) I think the higher crit factor you have means the less power you have, the less power you have means the more valuable the +20 power from forceful is. So if anything I think you got it backwards ;)
  • Can you like, type in a constructive way and stop overly using capital letters. Once you do that, people might actually pay attention to what you wrote lol
  • (Quote) I get that, but there are also people that has been waiting for 2 weeks now.. And besides if this actually works everyone's going to start making threads about their ticket o:)
  • My ping on TERA is actually significantly lower than when I was playing 2 years ago, I can't comment on the spikes though as my net connection itself spikes a lot so usually I won't notice if it is me or the server :cry:
  • I submitted a ticket for some minor stuff, but I actually have more major issues and I'm just waiting for their reply to tell them, Hopefully they do not close my ticket right after replying >.>
  • And why exactly should your ticket be read before mine?
  • I just started playing about 5days ago and still trying to learn VSNM, I have bookmarked this in case i get to this point though, looks really useful c: