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  • I received the first box from the item claim and opened up to the lvl 55 box but never received the lvl 60 one after opening the lvl 55 box, which made me wonder if it was because I was a Reaper.
  • Sigh. Off to the gauntlet of hopeless support tickets I go then. Thank you for confirming it was a bug.
  • They said they "hot fixed" this. Right...
  • Aren't the halos able to be sold? Pretty sure they are. Which makes them pointless rewards. Would like confirmation whether they are or not.
  • I agree about the stability of the game, but I am getting tired of devs releasing half finished games. By half finished I mean games with half their basic features missing. Free or not if it's not finished keep working on it until it is. Soon we'll …
  • Consoles can handle a lot more than you give them credit for. It's a matter of how things are handled. A feature like previewing items in a store is simple. The majority of these simple features are usually cut from initial launch for the sake of a …
  • Well that's helpful, lol. I don't play PC games. This reminds me a lot of when ESO first released. The game was lacking very basic features that made it less than extrordinary. Roughly 6 months to a year later they finally got their stuff together a…
  • I want to see the item on my character, not by itself or on someone else.
  • Wow, really... why would anyone buy something they can't see. Won't be bothering with founders packs I guess.