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  • Just make Tera 2 and stop funding A:IR
  • Youll be waiting untilyou get a new (old).dungeon maybe a busted up barely tested Apex patch and maybe MAYBE talents over the course of the next year. Fact is Tera consoles dried up on its promises and is piling on events to tickle the lizard pa…
  • Iirc that is a bug
  • Keep hearing about thisll change nothing and ppl are still going to keep their obscene damage anyway
  • Theyve been talking about putting bns on ue4 for like 3 yrars Has it happened yet?
  • No reason to do glm really, you also dont need a healer for any missions. Healers are heavily punished for existing as the point gain is 1000 points per 1 million damage dealt. Healers dont have enough output to make it worth their time and th…
  • Man this conversations still a thing? Wow. You have to understand how frustrating it is for us players- literally everyone. That lines been posted aboutt as much as We promise to be more transparent- Eme Its old, played out, changes nothin…
  • Not really. Its combat is what really carries it but the amounting flaws are easily over taking the 2 good things tera was ever good at. Mix that with devs who are milking the playerbase, virrually no regional feedback or communication and a play…
  • Absolutely compare pc to console especially with the copy pasted systems. The 20% is a FLAT gain instead of a % multiplier of a crafts innate crit chance. Mix it with food and you have the innate chance + 30%. Or innate + 22% if you get the 12%…
  • Theres no button. Nor anyway to interact with it from what im seeing. They do not play test these patches theyre pushing out i bet. Theres no way.
  • As much as i hate fishing, it may in fact help a large portion of the player base so long as console players keep their prices in check and not inflate to pc levels. Fishing brings lamb food, rootbeers and gold to players who cannot play the mark…
  • Ignore it. Sky castles are long long gone.
  • PC has fraxim gear now so the only deviations from console is more mats and classes are weaker on console. Thats really about all the tangible deviations ive seem. Tho tbh theres not much eme can do anymore. Its BHS / Krafton that needs the k…
  • Youd want warrior as it can be both a tank and dps in pve/pvp. It has chain crowd control, a better 100-0 combo and very very good sustained dps.
  • The current deviations are not enough to convince anyone. The issue is the only deviations is a self contradicting cost balance and a gear tier most dont care exists. Unless they come out with actual console specific systems that are true deviati…