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  • (Quote) I am hesitant to write a ticket to EME until the FAQ comes out, just in case all my questions are answered. So, a few quick responses while I wait for the FAQ to come out: 1: If XIGNCODE3 were to tell you exactly what information it collec…
  • (Quote) Even something like "We are aware of the issues surrounding Xigncode3, and we are investigating our options. We will keep you updated on further plans involving Xigncode3" would go a long way, at least for me.
  • Ever read the poem "First They Came" by Martin Niemöller? That is not something i should EVER be reminded about when discussing a game. Edit: In retrospect, I should clarify. I am comparing the playerbase to the narrator. There are other…
  • (Quote) Seems to me like that is exactly what EME (or maybe BHS) is hoping for. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, it seems like the employees may have been told not to discuss Xigncode3 at all. They talked about it for a few days, then suddenl…
  • (Quote) As an interesting side note, according to Google Trends, the search frequency for "Tera Proxy" is at its highest point since august of 2017, and the search frequency for "Xigncode3 Bypass" is at its highest point since 2…
  • (Quote) To be honest, if EME had come out and said "Oh, we messed up", or "We didn't expect Xigncode3 to be an issue", I would be a disgruntled at their lack of foresight, but really, almost nothing they could reasonably say abo…
  • In all this discussion about Xigncode3, it has been surprisingly hard to find any actual, confirmed information about Xigncode3. Unfortunately, the information I have been able to find has been almost exclusively negative. What I have seen from the …