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  • (Quote) I wouldnt call it an advantage. EU have more to sell for less, NA got less to sell for more.... The problem is enchanting HO... 244 plates ...and even more? Also new accessories requiring 96 plates? with 10% chance to upgrade. Ye expensiv…
  • (Quote) Oh yes, in battleground both healer were hit. For priest, healing circle huge healing still applies. But you will see yourself use lock on heal more often then in pve for sure, since you cant use holy burst or divine charge. With kaia... im…
  • (Quote) Mystic lock on was nerfed too. When u use the empowered version of healing circle ( following a lock on or backstep/escape) i can crit heal for like 115k. I dont think i've seen mystic crit for that much ,lock on can crit for approx 50k+ (…
  • You can get everything in game, and you don't have to farm like a no life, just gotta be smart and know the game. Almost 2 char full +9 and i dont buy emp
    in p2w Comment by Minilee June 2018
  • @SingleBear how about the new battleground? :3
  • (Quote) To be honest, i wouldnt save my gear in +8 for a month just to save like 59k exp it takes to be max'd when heroic is released. 59k exp isnt that much, considering the amount of mats u need, just gather those while u get the exp lol
  • It was nerfed because new dungeons also gives essences, RRHM and the other dungeon coming in a few weeks , both nm and hm. They keep old dungeon but make them a bit less worth it.
  • Check your damage on a dungeon you already done to compare. Im pretty sure the new bosses got more endurance, cause their hp pool are similar to dungeons we have right now.
  • (Quote) Im pretty sure there are other ways to learn, then going in blind in a BG with pve set up, getting one shot and barely being able to land a combo. You will get out of there tilted and mad , w/o learning anything lol.
  • (Quote) I beg to differ, ill take a 14 v 15 over a pve new timer who goes 0/8 cause he got no idea what hes doing. i care less in CS, but in fwc, bruh no.
  • (Quote) You dont have to kill it by yourself, but if you join someone whos already started it, it wont count. If you join someone, he has to reset the boss and you both restart it.
  • (Quote) I queue on my ninja from time to time . Not a known name, equalised gear, not in a big guild, no rating.... but i have the proper crystals and i have never been kicked yet from any fraywind i joined as an equalised '' looking like a new tim…
  • @Haloist What kind of situations would require thrall of life up ? The cooldown isnt even high
  • For myself, i use 2 mana regen crystals, and i changed my crit roll on weapon for mana regen when using skills. I also have the mana roll from having a +7 weapon . I get most of my regen from thrall of life and motes here and there. Usually, i use …
  • i'd like new jackpots :3