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[TERA Console] The Awakening update (v84) is now live on all console servers! Read the patch notes here: https://bit.ly/v84notes



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  • @39YTY9DKL9 Thx. I just finish the test.
  • @Lingyi I asked En Masse but they dont want to give me infomation until the patch is ready to serve. So nobody can rly guarantee u that all the content is the same as the PC version is.
  • @Exipheus @Maximumbooty 1. There is no need to use SES or MES to reroll gear lines, cuz after converting or upgrading u can select the lines that u want. But if i want to rerolls again, which ressource will i need? 2. After converting old to new g…
  • P.S.: is the extensive (golden) and valuable (green) alkahest still usuable as entchanting mats after the patch?
  • (Quote) @Gatokatzen One thing is still confuse me a lil bit. Some players said that awakening a gear piece no more exist after gear revamp but we can still enchant a T12 gear, for example: Deathw. with alk and T12-feedstock after the upgrade. So my…