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  • I don't know how hard the server side coding would be, but a PvP channel for each map could be a possible future solution. You would need to be able to code channel specific rule sets though. Only the devs know if that is in their tool set. Its kind…
  • Well if you see something like that happening and manage to capture like Paco did, please post it for the devs to see. I am glad you were to upgrade your gear. =)
  • Failing at a 100% chance is a huge red flag. If your report is accurate and repeatable, well that would just be bad.
  • If there is enough of a PvP player base to spend money to keep Tera open and profitable, then a PvP rule set is an option. Open world PvP is not something I am a fan of and I would most likely go find another game to play.
  • As a casual Player with a background in mmo content development, I hate grinding. On the Xbox, I was able to spend emp and buy things to sell so I could enjoy the short time I had to play. The gold market is now so tight that it is not worth spendin…
  • Outstanding! Thank you Exipheus and Halrath for your responses. Now its time to get a nest and fire extinguisher ready for my new mount.
  • I am very concerned about smart dyads, etchings and the gear revamp. Coming from other games where the devs seemed to delight in making changes that invalidated a player's time spent, I feel an effort should be made to give players some of these ite…