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  • Fix is being prepared, there will be a brief unscheduled server maintenance to address this. I don't have a specific ETA, but expect it to happen soon.
  • We're looking into this right now. This may require a brief downtime to fix, but it was definitely unintentional.
  • I'm investigating the leveling award boxes right now, but the standard login catalysts should now be being delivered. Let me know if you aren't seeing them when you log in. If you're already in game, you may need to exit all the way out and restart …
  • WHOA. Ok, thanks for the heads up on this. That is absolutely our error. When we put the items together for the box, we inadvertently grabbed an odd version of the Slaughter weapon. We're working on a fix for the box's contents that will be update…
  • TL;DR -> Hardening Eggs were never changed, and never meant to be a guaranteed dragon mount drop. Everyone in TERA gets an extra 10 Dragon Scales for logging in today. Final followup post! To provide a final capstone of clarity: There was no ch…
  • TL;DR: Egg going back in the shop, Dragon Scale section in patch notes deleted, still investigating refunding scale purchases. So the dragon scale shop and the dragon scales came out for EME as a part of the Spellbound update. This was v48 for us h…
  • Quick update for everyone on the dragon scales. * It looks like the change to the drop rate for the dragon mounts for the Hardening Eggs was a shift made in Korea previously, but we had already gotten that adjusted change here. I'm continuing to inv…
  • It took me a few minutes to double check I wasn't going to delete the wrong items from the wrong shops, but it should be showing bravery / health pots and no hardened eggs in the dragon scale shop now.
  • Hi everyone, I'm sorry to be late to this thread, but I was catching up on some work and caught wind of this. I have temporarily removed the Hardening Dragon Egg from the Dragon Scale Shop while we investigate the expected behavior on this. I've als…
  • Just wanted to let you know we've seen this and are looking into it. I don't have any specific answers yet, but we're looking into it.
  • That's a legit oversight on my part, thanks for catching it. I've added it to the sale and it should show up in the store within the next few minutes.
  • it's great to see this kind of excitement around our 5th Anniversary, and I'd like to hear more ideas from all of you about past events in TERA that you've really enjoyed. I know everyone likes sales and deals, but I'd also like to hear about the in…
  • @Kals - That's correct, for this second half of the compensation event, you must already have Elite status to get the extra 15 days.
  • Jumping in here very quick to say this was definitely an error (almost certainly mine), and I'm making the fix as we speak. Should be back up and double droppin' in the next few minutes. My apologies to everyone who had a big plan for Double Dropp…