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  • When my old rig died I lost a lot of old pics, but I've a few saved elsewhere luckily. Hunting WBs I finally got the mount I wanted
  • I missed both codes because I kept DCing and couldn't find anywhere to input the code from the new forum - had to go to the old one. I had a lot of fun even though I did spend a lot of time faceplanting however I'm not sure my rig will forgive me f…
  • Edit - serious derped
  • I don't give a toss about being screwed, but having gear that must normally be earned as a reward is P2W. Dread might be [filtered] these days, but you still have to earn it. I don't know what the hell VM we're on atm, but if I'd got whatever is cur…
  • Took a third shelf surprise thing from the Tera rewards hoping for something nice. Got a dreadnaught chest for a zerk (and I was playing my brawler) which wasn't so much of a surprise, and certainly wasn't a reward. Is this a bug? I hope so because …
  • Glad to hear you you managed to get the title - I think i got the level 60 one perhaps. I soloed my ninja to 65 too because I didn't want to be a burden (I have a new internet connection that isn't bedded in yet and drops every now and again.) I too…
  • Not had any internet for months so I'm really rusty with playing Tera. Got to level 36 I think in about four hours just soloing bams and the odd world boss. After that four hours though I was exhausted because I'd leveled a Brawler and finished a pa…