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  • Are you using UI mods? UI mods from before Apex was released will not show the Apex icon. Other players who are not using UI mods should be able to see that you are Apex.
  • (Quote) Can you check this? Dreadspire should be PERMANENT. The Dreadspire Reset Scroll event is what is supposed to end September 18.
  • (Quote) It'll likely be one of two results (it might be something different altogether, but this is what people are thinking until they actually announce what is being merged): 1. FF+MT AV+TR CH unmerged or 2. FF+MT AV+TR+CH It really just depe…
  • (Quote) Maybe he should've...gotten the rank on his server...
  • (Quote) I'm not sure why they didn't already do this tbh. Transferring should just reset your ranks. There has always been a problem with people transferring to steal rewards from lower population servers. When Fate of Arun came out, most of the Cu…
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  • EU already has something like this, so naturally NA will never get anything similar. Historically gear progression is harder on NA, content is harder on NA, rewards for content are worse and maintenances are longer. At least the ping is lower.
  • (Quote) That was a newspost about the development of their classic server, it's not out yet. I can however guarantee they aren't ceasing development of their live servers when it's released. As for what @counterpoint said, all I'm referring to was…
  • (Quote) Then why is another MMO having both coexist?
  • There just isn't really a point. It seems logical that this would be in the game, but truthfully no one would use it anyway. It's one of those things that should've been there from the beginning, but if they added it now everyone would just be like…
  • (Quote) It's based on playtime on the character with the name. For example, lets say I have the name "Tera" on FF. I've had it since before the very first name wipe, so multiple years. Right now, it's on a level 1 character. When the se…
  • (Quote) They won't be. Server merges solve 0 issues and create infinite. Not even just talking about "muh names" but rather the fact that it doesn't increase player retention (as evidenced by Fey Forest) and just makes the game look even…
  • We're just going to pretend like a merge solves the problems as opposed to finding a way to increase player retention? Eventually there won't be any servers left to merge.
  • It's Demon's Wheel.
  • (Quote) Nice necro dude
  • The channels in VO are for the new Legendary Guardian Legion mission. ofc it's pointless because by the time you kill it on channel 1 you're out of time anyway (and there's no way in hell you'll ever get to 10 channels) but that's the "reason&…