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  • Elin class?! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Yeah, the lore... there's no lore in this game anymore.
    in Lore ? Comment by Pamcake June 2017
  • @Spacecats Yeah, I'm so sick of hearing that it's my provider/ISP problem and it's nothing to do with it. Everyone gets the same terrible lags, ping spikes and dysinc. It doesn't matter if it's USA or Europe. This game is old enough to NOT have such…
  • A friend of mine is from Chicago with ping of 5 and he experienced the same lag/ping spikes I had back in Latvia. Me and him quit, because this game was unplayable. So don't tells us @Spacecats That everything is fine, because it's not.
    in Server lag Comment by Pamcake June 2017
  • I can't find anything. Wasted 1h and got headache in return. Giving up on this game.
  • Because BHS decided that only way to get gold is to grind dungeons none stop. A lot of people are dependent on these events for gold and materials, because you just can't make VM gear by playing casually. Of course this might just been a plan to eli…
  • I'm still here in forum, because in some extend I care and I want to know where Tera gonna land. But my answer is: Yes, try. But don't invest either too much time or money in this game.
  • (Quote) Yes, that too. If I like to buy I would like to be directly send to the item in shop and not scroll and not be sure is this box is the one or not.
  • (Quote) I rather see things that are available in the dressing room, because I really liked some of these skins to only find out the aren't in the store. Or at lest make it so it's clear from the start they are not available to buy.
  • @TheNobleNoble You forgot that BGs are broken. I have seen glichers, hackers for a while now. Talking about balance is twisting my words. I compared in a ironic way not by asking for debate.
    in PvP Ded Comment by Pamcake May 2017
  • (Quote) What is wrong with BDo? I'm not saying it's perfect, but I think it superior in combat than Tera. Tera has very unflexible combat when it comes to PVE. You have one rotation that everyone sticks with and that's it. It's all about damage an…
    in PvP Ded Comment by Pamcake May 2017
  • Game got boring pretty fast. Without fresh content in a sense of lore, expansions, crafting, etc. If only PVE was interesting tho. There's no people playing 98% of the world map. PVP is dead, because lag, hackers/glichers. The big PVP things like CU…
    in PvP Ded Comment by Pamcake May 2017
  • I think it's terrible that they still keep it in a dressing room like it's available to buy.
  • The lags for example in dungeons is affecting all players at the same time. Even if I'm in one dungeon and my guild mates are in other we still get the same ping spikes and lags that can go for seconds at the time.
  • Let's be real. PVP battlegrounds is very buggy adding hackers or glichers. CS, tank in a wall shooting at crystal was something I was amazed and angered to see. From that moment I stopped playing battlegrounds. The lack of real fresh content is path…