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  • The problem channels are say, area, and global if I understand right. Maybe add a captcha to allow sending messages to those channels. If the captcha is passed, the result would be good until it times out. Its possible the captcha protection may als…
  • I wonder if a reduction in the player base caused the bots to spread out from Velika to try to compensate.
  • (Quote) Some sort of captcha maybe. Maybe have it pop up every so often if not in combat. Probably would be too annoying a solution for the players, though.
  • (Quote) <joke>Run off enough of the player base with xigncode so that gold bots are no longer profitable. Could that be EME's plan?</joke> More seriously though, did gold bots become significantly more numerous since xingcode was added…
  • (Quote) Cases like this illustrate why I believe adding xingcode to a game with an established player base is problematic. Too much potential to cause problems since the player base is not self selected to not have problems with xingcode. The excep…
  • (Quote) Sounds like it would have made sense for EME to have beta tested xigncode on a new server before rolling it out to the others. Likely wouldn't have avoided all the problems, though.
  • (Quote) Never trust that the RNG will give you what you want. I've tried for one of those combat bird mounts via loot box before and came up empty handed. Ended up with lots of metaphoric emblems, though. Don't know how many loot boxes I opened try…
  • (Quote) I agree with you. Something like that may have convinced me to put off uninstalling TERA NA for longer. At this point, I no longer have it installed.
  • (Quote) Could be their way of saying "our way or no way" without actually saying it. What I mean is, maybe they still want to leave their options in regard to xigncode open. If, in response to the uproar about it that occurred when it bec…
  • (Quote) Seriously? If true, what are they thinking? lol There were already enough people complaining about cash grabs. Maybe EME did me a favor when they broke the game for me by adding xigncode.
  • (Quote) More people "cheating", less people playing. Really seems like one of those "what could possibly go wrong" scenarios doesn't it.
  • If blue nocts are such a big deal for running high tier dungeons, maybe they should just add them as vanguard rewards for running mid tier dungeons.
  • In the least, xigncode is very bad PR for TERA NA. I think I saw discussion on reddit that TERA NA basically had half their player base go up in smoke over this. Even if not true, it is not good for TERA NA that that is the impression some people ha…
  • (Quote) There's also the whole issue with xigncode running as admin. Just screams security hole to me.
  • (Quote) TERA isn't some special software in this case. Adding something like xigncode to a game with an already formed player base is going to harm that player base. This is because xigncode will diminish game performance (or worse) for a good deal…