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  • It's funny how EME never tries to do something different from what BHS does, but when it comes to things that actually help the player base EME tries to do something different from bhs, and it miserably fails, KR has 2 servers and every time I log i…
  • Yeah it's broken, people who were selling the boxes said they couldn't even see it themselves when they searched
    in July Events! Comment by ReChoa June 2018
  • Every dungeon is stupidly easy right now if you just take awakened classes or people in complete bis, but not everyone wants to play those classes or wants to spend so much time getting that gear when its not intended to be like that, what's the poi…
  • >literally forced to farm alts if you want more than a SINGLE loot box because you're literally unable to get 300 medallions within 10 days with just one character >the loot box isn't even guaranteed to give anything useful lmao [filtered] off…
  • Amazing EME, you manage to find a new way to surprise us every day, a FIVE hour maint for a patch that added next to nothing and [filtered] up an item this badly and not even caring to make an announcement anywhere but your [filtered] discord server.
  • Having the choice to just buy it is nice, but 50 [filtered] dollars is way too much for JUST a W E A P O N skin, shilling this hard for a $50 weapon skin is honestly pathetic. You can just straight up buy DYEABLE outfits for cheaper than this [filte…
    in Good lord.. Comment by ReChoa June 2018
  • There needs to be some more choices for what to buy with temple medallions, enchanting mats are practically useless for anyone who still has a huge stack of metamorphic emblems.
  • It's because no one enjoys farming solo [filtered] like iod m8
  • Whether you can get a lot of tokens or not isn't the main issue, its the fact that the rewards aren't worth farming for, even more so at those prices
  • I find the blacksmith's additive to be absolute trash, it's pretty much a useless additive, even more so when compared to masters, at 10 coins a piece there's no reason at all to get it, and like Cornish said there should be a box that gives a good …
  • The issue with that is, no one wants to start all over from scratch, that's just annoying as [filtered] and turns you off from a game.
  • Honestly even without the xigncode, IMO eme's incompetence and lack of ability to ever push a maint on time will kill the game, many people seem to be having trouble to actually be able to just run the game after this patch.
  • I can't even play the game cause EME is very [filtered] incompetent, i updated before they announced the patch was broken, but I managed to fix the files, and now I'm stuck waiting to actually dl the patch because their servers are absolute trash. I…
  • And what gear are those characters in? The two are mutually exclusive, if you wanna gear up you're not gonna be able to sell golden talents and vice-versa too, just flipping between the two means you're gonna have to eventually farm even more to be …
  • And do you actually use anything you farm? Or do you just farm iod all day then not use it to upgrade gear and just sell it? Besides, farming the easiest thing in the game shouldn't be the most efficient way of making money, it just makes people not…