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  • (Quote) oh I didn't know this. and yeah i have pvp rolls on DN pieces.
  • If you go to battlegrounds i highly suggest NOT using slaughter since the armor/boots/gloves have zero pvp stats unlike dreadnaught or starfall because you will just be point fodder and deserve to get kicked. I dismantled my ninja's dread pieces for…
  • bump. Still having this problem. Already sent in a ticket to hopefully get this fixed soon. I can't be the only one right?
  • My accessory setup: 3 dread (cutter earring, corvette earring, cutter necklace) 2 hyderad rings That's what i've been using for a while now and i'm thinking about replacing the dread accs with the new shadowvain while still keeping the hyderad ring…
  • Oooh very nice and detailed! I made a post about the boomerang issue but only provided a still pic; your gifs show that and the other issues perfectly. Hope these get fixed soon.
  • @Spacecats bump
    in Boomerang Comment by Rhodrii May 2016
  • A minor issue with boomerang being broken when ninja patch hit. The orb doesn't aim at the crosshairs but rather below it. So aiming this skill has become rather annoying. Made a thread about this here
  • Wow thank you for doing this! The ones i'll definitely be getting is Bolero Party Dress and Lotus.
  • not a bug, that's unblockable so iframe it.
  • (Quote) This. It was definitely not at a fixed height. You can aim wherever but the orb would actually be right on the target, not below like it is now.
    in Boomerang Comment by Rhodrii May 2016
  • Agreed. Wished these tokens can be used for something useful. Right now the only use for them are accessories. Used cosmos for edgetock ring and earring for my ninja as somewhat like placeholders for the new crit jewelry. Still have thousands of cos…
  • What I use: Bitter, Focused, Savage, Carving OR Pounding Choosing the last crystal depends on how satisfied you are with your crit. Sacrifice 3% crit chance for pure dmg? Up to you :^) Another factor would be if there's a mystic in the party. In t…
  • Tbh, if there is a guide out there, it would be in korean. My only tip would be trial and error. I did my first CS as ninja today and got #rekt. Right now i'm just getting the feel for the class in battlegrounds and changing my glyphs/skill bar alon…
  • For real bruh. They already extended it by 6 hours because of the sever server lag yesterday, which, in my opinion a complete handout for these titles. And also, why are you using IM fully knowing that everyone at that level will be ninja? IM will …
  • Got to 65 last night, so took about 10 hours to level 1-65. Made SF glove and weapon, enchanted them to +12, added etches, put on dyads. Now working on getting slaughter boots. Will soon start grinding KS points for SF belt. Also trying not to be a…