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  • I've done a ton of solo queing as a dps and have been getting groups fairly fast and consistently. Also you can still do them with friends it's just a little trickier. My guild does two dps and a tank then one dps and a healer, que at the same time …
  • you've done well defending your position, I sincerely believe you offered constructive criticism of that lancers tanking, and offered helpful insight to make it better. Kudos to you, you are a gem! /sarcasm off
  • Go ahead and say what you want to say. You made no mention of attempting to help the lancer in the original post, all you did was shame him. You also make this seem as its a problem with all lancers. And the rest of the party felt that what you w…
  • He may have been new, Calling someone a noob is not helpful for them learning their role. Tera already has too few tanks and we need people to encourage and teach not name call and shame. Frankly I'm glad they kicked you. Next time perhaps try to e…
  • wow two sets of glyphs and Niveots couldn't finish my thought
  • So far the only way ive been getting into groups is to find on ethat needs both a tank and DPS and then once I am in saying Surprise I'm a TanK! Wish we could have wo sets of glyphs and
  • (Quote) popo's are my favorite race! I can't wait
  • But they built zero hype for the elin brawler. with this little hype it would have made a lot more sense to release the male brawler now. If this was a profit thing I honestly think they would have waited to drop it till later, I'm thinking it was j…
  • God I hear ya, I have so many alts that I got to level 65 and to ilvl 417 just to see if I liked how they played. I just assumed I'd be able to dismantle their gear after revamp... Instead of the feedstock I could get out of their gear I'll get a fe…
  • It can't so it ques warriors as DPS However LFG makes it easy on warrior tanks to find groups as tank
  • I wouldn't buy a ton however, a lot of the events shower them on you. I think I have like 400 laying around, I'd buy a couple dozen but still at 12 hours of Played time each it will take a long time to deplete them.
  • Sorry if what I wrote was confusing! But guardian cleared it up quite well!
  • I wish I could do the Rally bams but they don't spawn at convenient times for me lol
  • seriously... I was looking forward to doing the 439 dungeons tonight.
  • You can also get groups with out Healers while leveling. don't be afraid to use the 5 gold resurrections you'll never run out of them in leveling dungeons and 5 gold is not very expensive at all(use them even when you have a healer to make things g…