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  • I have a ~3 year old PC with i5-4570 and GTX 760. My game runs okay with ~40-70 FPS in dungeons and ~20-40 in Highwatch/CS/Fraywind. There is no point in making your game ugly with the lowest settings. It doesn't actually help with FPS. I found it …
  • The "Pick yourself up by your bootstraps" mentality is a little strong in this thread. It is unfeasible for smaller guilds to band together and beat the top alliance in CU unless members in that top alliance decide to renegade. They don't …
  • I voted Moondancer. As cool as Valkyrie sounds, it is way too awkward of a fit with Lunar Dancer. The Lunar Dancer's background feels very Chinese with its references to the moon, and her weapon is pretty much a guandao (literal English translation…
  • I don't know wtf Paragon is even supposed to tell us about the class. Valkyrie also doesn't work for me. Valkyrie is almost always related to a sword + shield. Lunar Dancer doesn't use a sword or a shield. How about Glaivier?... because she uses a …
  • I absolutely hate the double healer meta. I stopped playing for a while and then when I come back, suddenly I have another healer with me in every dungeon unless I personally form a group. Dying becomes insignificant because hey, if you mess up, you…
  • They should turn it back to red. White text on yellow is terrible.