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  • (Quote) That's it? Just "no"? What is "no" about my statement? What other game have you played where an achievement was rolled back because, say, a server went offline or a LTE ended? Because I sure hell haven't seen that anywhe…
  • Going for laurels was borderline pointless when someone thought it was a good idea to undo a cheevo's progress if the associated content got removed.
  • And here's the flipside of that argument: if you're going to drop exhorbitant sums of money on the product regardless, why should the devs/publishers change or fix anything? Your "argument" smacks of "Free product - don't complain!&qu…
  • @Maulclaw A quick and dirty answer to your question about player gullibility is... yes, yes they are. Example: Blizzard after (insert preferred debacle here; I like the Heroes of the Storm fiasco with the Hong Kong riots)
  • IoD BAMs are probably your best bet. They can drop anywhere between 1 and 10 coupons upon death, regardless of BAM tier. You can also get them from login rewards (I guess? When I stopped playing the calendar had gone defunct) and fashion strongboxe…
  • (Quote) I vividly remember people in Trade chat just short of demanding people queue for CS. "C'mon people! Queue for CS!" and the like. If I were to guess why they threw Trade into the mix, the usual avenues probably weren't working so th…
    in merge when? Comment by SageWindu May 5
  • (Quote) I'm having trouble understanding your first paragraph. * "they can just rez right away with no consequences" - How is this a bad thing? You can't do damage if you're dead and for places with a damage check like RK9, an untimely de…
  • @yabiochya said: (Quote) I have friends, both in the game and out of it. You know what they're not doing? Running dungeons or even playing TERA at all (I mean, neither am I, partly because of that, partly for other reasons that, for now, I'll keep …
  • (Quote) Way back when, I made a learning run for Sirjuka Gallery and people cycled in and out the party for a solid 30 minutes. Never got a full party, never did that dungeon before it was removed. Now what?
  • So here's a question: Why is a game specifically designed to handle a massive player population buckling under itself upon receiving that massive player population? Given that some people only play TERA and maybe one other game (I personally know 2 …
    in _________ Comment by SageWindu April 3
  • (Quote) The OP actually makes a decent point. Even if it's little more than complaining, it shows that people care enough to complain. That is, there's something people like, but can't for whatever reason. There's a reason why the saying "The …
  • (Quote) So it seems EME learned nothing from their previous iterations of this - I forget what the last "Spell!" event was (AoT crossover?), but it had the same issue. Back then it was E's, if memory serves. "The more things change&qu…
  • Which one is Azart? The green set or the blue set?
    in Azart = 0 Comment by SageWindu March 13
  • This is part of why I stopped playing: I got tired of feeling like the game was wasting my time. I wanna get my upgrades, then go do something else. I don't want to rely on anyone, I don't want anyone else to rely on me, and I sure as b---s don't w…
  • While I'm not a fan of the elin preferential treatment either, as far as valkyrie lore is concerned, it can easily be amended with the following phrase: (Quote) And there it is. Easy peasy. That said, wake me up when human/elf ninja become a thing.