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  • Salut, Présentation de guilde plutot pas mal, même si je t avoue que je ne vois pas ou est le Pvp sur One Aprés c'est surment qu'un début, mais pour infos, je suis resté co des dizaines en 3v3 solo pour au final faire 2 fight dt 1 avec une team Af…
  • Hey One thing you say 3. Not enough players with gear= solo 3v3 os equalized gear so it's only skill/teamplay important there is always 1 healer+ 2 DPS (I count any tank dps fpr 3v3), maybe ppl doesn't know about solo 3v3 is equalized gear may i…
  • Hello Then it's better wait and start a game 90% ready it's look a pre alpha and lot of ppl have pay foudner pack Dungon rol is bugged Pvp Eu it's bugged no pvp Velika High wath it's bugged also ...... To be continued
  • Hello I did 1 game last saturday in solo 3v3 againt an afk team so 10 second fight Time queued every day around 19-21h from monday to saturday +/- But it's bugged or not ? Gvgare not available, no pvp area for pk
  • Hello I have played all class in tank on PC and i if I have to choose one, i will say warrior close to lancer I m not fan of the brawler and zerk for me it's an off tank but not a main tank
  • Hello I think you must play on Ps4 version xbox one on pvp server it's impossible to do 3s (solo queu or premade) i was queued from 7 to 9pm yesterday and nothing
  • [quote="Myx;c-226490" 3v3 should work. At least on ps4 it worked. Maybe you queued at the wrong time or with the wrong class. The rest I can't answer.[/quote] hello 3v3 premade or solo ? i was queued solo 19h-21h +/- yesterday It proc …