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  • My archer skills still don't work like close quarters. Does adding cosmetics sound more important than game mechanics? Game crashing and fps drops everywhere. Fix your dang game ffs.
  • One thing i don't like with castanic male lancers is the way they hold the lancer in block animation. Other classes look way better like elf and popori which has the lance pointing to their targets.
    in Lancer Race Comment by Sevaz May 2018
  • You don't automatically get it. You have to play with Luck and draw it from the box.
  • (Quote) It shouldn't affect the bar hotkeys if they add it. It will just be on the menu like where skills, inventory and glyphs are. Just like in PC, you just toggle a button and everything is on a different setup.
    in Skill loadouts Comment by Sevaz May 2018
  • glyph and gear loadouts is indeed needed badly in the console version. It's such a pain to switch every skill, gear and crystal all the time you switch from pvp<>pve gear. They should've added it on the first release of the game.
    in Skill loadouts Comment by Sevaz May 2018
  • Did you block cancel to add more damage or just because you have to be in guard stance? Because those two are different things, right? I'm more concerned on block cancelling to squeeze in more damage in short amount of time and doing it consistently…
  • I don't see you block cancelling though? Were you doing it?
  • What are y'alls experiences with block cancelling skill on console?
  • (Quote) So, how do you check your ping on console?
  • Please fix. What's the point of joining pvp server if this doesn't work.
  • Hmm, making me think if i should stick to PC rather than ps4 version.
  • (Quote) Yah, i mean any type of pvp. Duels for example or guild wars. I'm curious if we have to manually aim some of our skills or not. Coz if not, isn't that an advantage for the archer class coz we no longer have to aim? I also noticed that the …
  • (Quote) Any way to check for ping in ps4? I know how it affected ping, but don't know how to check it in console.
  • Yah. I don't think the skill bar would be a problem, but mainly the aiming part is what i'm worried about. In PC, aiming is never an issue for me with mouse, but on a controller it's a diff issue. But the lock on system helps i guess, but does it af…
  • Idk, how it would work in pvp setting really. I mean you can always play unlocked on sorc/priest i think, but it would be awful on a controller. For archers, we want to be on point at all times to idk if that is a plus or a hindrance.