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  • metagame wrote: » another thing that's essentially unusable is the i can haz backpack--it has the version from skycastle that expires once you log off: Dang, wish I'd seen that sooner. I'll let the TERA crew know so it can be replaced in …
  • Sorry about that! It won't drop after tonight. Please destroy any you happen to get.
  • Teekz wrote: » Why not put it on the weekend so people who work and you know swipe in this game can participate in something other than a p2w event. Wooooooah now you're making assumptions. Watch the stream!
  • These will be changed during tomorrow's (1/18) maintenance. Skyring will award the following: Box contents are 2 Golden Talents and 1 Silver Talent • Winners get 2 boxes • Losers get 1 box
  • The only thing said about race changing to Elin Gunners is that it would not be possible. Nothing has led us to believe that this will change in the foreseeable future.
  • Hey there @TheKoreanGamer, good question! The best place to post a site like that is probably the community creation forum: If it's TERA-related and isn't selling something or breaking any Ter…
  • Hey guys, removed some content from this thread because it was necro'd by another user. (Meaning it summoned a golem and two skeletal archers)
  • canikizu wrote: » counterpoint wrote: » toufu wrote: » counterpoint wrote: » I wonder if they have an event that can actually do this yet. I know they've mentioned it was something they were looking into, anyway. Hopefully BHS can ad…
  • papy10k wrote: » our patches are purely cash shop items now LOL Check out the Developer Roadmap. It gets updated periodically and you'll see we have more coming than just cosmetic items.
  • CornishRex wrote: » CassandraTR wrote: » Well... this happened on 1/9/18, Tuesday: They said they disabled that feature... so I guess they lied about shutting it off, or they lied about their ability to …
  • Seniro wrote: » @papy10k Because Unity and Bruiseweave stoles are majestic af items and you are not allowed to touch them if your hands are not sacred enough. This is the word of truth.
  • Some content has been removed from this thread because it contained callouts, namecalling, discussion of pre-existing player moderation, or served to spread misinformation within the forums. It's good to raise issues like this, but in the future …
  • Not in the shop, no. They're like my favorite thing to use for events, though. You haven't seen your last opportunity to snag one.
  • Also... request received The stoles are also among my favorite items, so I know how important they are to fashion.
  • Please remember peititons/callouts are against the rules. I changed your title to something more on-point.