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  • (Quote) You miss my point. Decreasing the soul crushing failure rate of enchanting for a day is NOT an "event".
  • (Quote) It's really sad that this is what people consider "events" now, let alone a good one.
  • Forbidden Arena is on the list now. Could they maybe add Velik's Hold. It's the only level 65+ dungeon that doesn't drop chupatokens, and it's going to be a highlight dungeon this weekend.
    in Forgotten Arena? Comment by TJKat May 11
  • (Quote) TBH, I think they took it too far the other way. It's now ridiculously easy. Even playing casually, it shouldn't be a problem to go from 1-70 in less than a week. I wish they'd find a middle ground.
  • Please make the tokens bankable. So many of mine are going to waste. It's not just from accidentally logging on to the wrong character first each day, but if you accidentally stay logged on to the wrong character when the daily reset on the tokens h…
  • (Quote) When only 2 of the level 65+ dungeons were left out of this, 'forgotten' does seem appropriate.
    in Forgotten Arena? Comment by TJKat May 7
  • Guys, the anniversary event is obviously opening hundreds of the new dragon loot box from the store.
  • I hope they add some other ways to get these tokens. Making them 100% dungeon-centric when they've just taken away most of the dungeons is pretty annoying.
  • It's unbankable and delivered to the first character you log in with. That's one gone to waste.
  • There are no login rewards anymore; the calendar is gone, and probably never coming back. You need to be lvl 65 to do Island of Dawn. I think other BAMs drop them - like the Basilisks near Cresentia - but at a much lesser rate. TBH, there is no re…
    in Fashion coupons Comment by TJKat May 5
  • They could at least get rid of all the duplicate PUBG items. How long has it been since that event? And couldn't they farm out updating the dressing room to someone? @counterpoint , didn't you say that you, personally, did at least some of the work…
  • There was a playtime event this past weekend too. It was very well communicated /sarcasm
  • (Quote) I have earned a champion laurel at least 6 times, yet have NEVER gotten credit for it at the end of the season because of how these achievement changes are timed. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the rollback - that part makes …
    in Laurels Comment by TJKat April 9
  • What frustrates me is that they always seem to do these big achievement shake ups shortly BEFORE the end of a season. You put in all this work to get a laurel, only to have it rolled back a rank (or two this time!) right in time for end of season.
    in Laurels Comment by TJKat April 8
  • Any way of obtaining Strong Braveries (and Strong Canephores) was removed over a year ago. https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/30487/the-strong-bravery-removal-vs-bravery-thread/p1