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  • Well, you might just get your wish, because after valk, there won't be any classes left to Elinify.
  • If I recall, I found someone who could agro them without killing them, then just got in the way when the Noruk attacked them.
  • (Quote) ^^ This. I wish these scales were a relevant alternative to caimans - I would much rather be running dungeons than hunting caimans - but they're not. And, heaven forbid, you might want to buy one, or even both of the mounts.
  • (Quote) Just killing the BAMs while hunting caimans gets you more xp than these scrolls do. One decent pull will net you 10-15 times more xp than one of those scrolls. That's with no elite, or any other xp buffs.
  • (Quote) Log-in scales won't even get you from 65 to 66. (Quote) This has nothing to do with being lazy. You do realize some of us DO have characters at level 70 and know very well what the end-game grind is like? Why farm some dungeons for scales +…
  • No, the scrolls really are that bad. The whole point is to help people get to level 68, right? Level 67 - 68 alone is 24 billion xp; that's equal to 600 of these xp scrolls. Even using 20 at a time is a drop int he bucket. They're a fine little extr…
  • Doesn't look like you get 1000 EMP for logging in today. Wording sounds more like you'll get a total of 1000EMP if you log in every day between Nov. 9 and Nov. 28. I definitely didn't get 1000 EMP today, but it was more than 30EMP. Should work out t…
  • But you did.... because why make a dyeable accessory when you can sell multiple versions in different colors.
  • (Quote) You've actually answered your own question with this sentence.
  • (Quote) I hate to break it to you, but you are not EME's target audience. They're focused on gambling addicts and people with more money than brains. People who will just keep throwing money at them no matter how bad they make the odds. The people w…
  • Okay, now that I've gone and looked at the map, why can't you get there with the portals? I've done it with no issue. You just use the North portal on Kerozen Isle.
  • What I love is that he says he's leaving NA because we're lazy and want everything handed to us.... to go to an easier, less grindy version of Tera. Who among us is lazy and wants to be given everything more easily?
  • Have you tried flying to it?
  • This has been an issue for years, but I think it's become more noticeable on Exodor because the mobs are so much tougher than the ones quests normally ask us to kill way too many of. I'm wondering if it has something to do with killing multiple mobs…
  • (Quote) Are you really surprised? If you'll recall, the Arsenal patch was supposed to eliminate the RNG in favour of making everything cost more gold/mats. Look how that worked out.