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  • (Quote) Yes,mystics are good in pvp,and can eat sorcerers like candyes. Thrall of wrath do not 1 shot lancers but does huge damage to them. Btw priests can not kill much but neither they can not kill you with healthyself skill, with heal crystals y…
  • (Quote) Ok,want a medal? You say you main a priest in a PM to me,now this. Wanna debate? I can say there are always fails in the team,even on experienced players,divine intervention can have much uses not only for pull someone back from a wall,for e…
  • (Quote) Both can be good in both pve and pvp. However,i think that priest is better for pve. Think like this example in pve, the actual 3 man dungeon,dunno what gorge, you and another guy goes for the second boss,you both start to fight,but the thi…
  • Ok, whatever you say,whatever you write,you are a kiddo, and i have nothing to discuss with a kiddo. Feel free to write whatever shits you vomit,for me this conversation it is concluded. Now i put you on my ignore list, and the gufymike can do whate…
  • Two times with two different lancers, two times i explained them to use debilitate. Two times they do what they want and the dungeon duration was ethernal. You question if i am helpful, ok, i question to you, how to manage this? Remember, i explaine…
  • And i am glad you never queue you warrior as a tank. Before say anything,inform yourself. Those lancers was being informed over and over to use debilitate during the dungeon, what are their answers? Shut up. So if i call them noobs,is for a strong r…
  • Valhalla_9,demonios rojos y eclipse son los mas conocidos.
  • (Quote) Yeah i know the feeling,however since i play solo, i prefer the mystic. Also today i see the awakening of mystic and i like it a lot, except the new thrall who is ugly as hell.
  • (Quote) Cus i do not have gold for both. Also after retest my human mystic i realyzed the i prefer it over the priest.
  • (Quote) I like both. The priest have things more useful for a party, kaias shield, divine intervention, insta recharge mana skill and more and better heals. And the mystic is good for solo, and those buffs... Honestly i can not decide,both have pros…
  • > @Silencer891 dijo: > Mystic because I never have to dodge playing solo. Ever. :) True fact.
  • *rising hand* i am another warrior tank who desire that matchmaking consider or know the difference between warrior tank or warrior dps. On LFG you should not find any problem to find ppl who want a warrior tank tho.
    in Warrior Tanking Comment by TLX May 2019
  • Yeah,he better duel castanic males so they know their places.
  • Sorry,i do not know how to put an image from the console game to here.
    in What is that? Comment by TLX May 2019