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  • Asking myself the same question. Couldnt found any xhunter files on my sys folder as awell as registry, but stil.. Too bad that caali's bypass went down
  • I do understand that Castanics and elins are the best way to use them as a marketing ploy. But is that a reason to completely ignore some of other races? Amani and Baraka for example. I really love stuff that is completely far away from human-like-a…
  • I would punch you if I could! (My main is Brawler, so thats some sort of a compliment :D Welcome! Glad to see new faces!) #freedonkeyprophet #buffgannersplease #umvc3onpc_hypetrain
  • So we cant even obtain those... Why they are in the crafter's screen in the first place then?... Thanks for the answers tho!
  • Looks like it! But that is really frustrating at some point... Talking about that information about difficulty and rewards. Eh.
  • Thats a pretty normal DPS. Your main target not only to upgrade the equipment, you can always try another ways to improve, like try new crystals, glyphs, rotations and even the whole stats section itself (If have a lot power, try to go more in attac…
  • Thanks for the replies guys, I will try to dig something out from all this situation... Hope they will fix the descriptions about skills where it needs to be in the first place, like, you know, these strange moments with hidden activation chance and…