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  • I'm just wondering what was wrong with the old always-on 2x vanguard rewards? If that event wasn't scheduled to end on the last day of 2017 and continued running into 2018, would EME still be announcing these changes? Why can't EME just create anoth…
  • To be honest I'd be willing to just pay a reasonable price for a unity/bruiseweave stole instead of dealing with an RNG-based event or RNG loot boxes to get one. Although if Spacecats isn't willing to put them in the cash shop, may I suggest puttin…
  • I'm very happy about triple vanguard rewards this weekend, double drop weekend in GG/Petrax and double vanguard rewards for the remainder of January. I will definitely be going hard in TERA this weekend. However from February onwards, I would have …
  • Remember when EME wanted to unveil the gear names early to get fan feedback so they had a chance to change it before release? In the end they stuck with Lucid and Tensus for VM5 and it was too late to change them.
  • KTERA have had these for over a year now and I don't understand why NA doesn't yet. I don't know if they're still in the korean version but this is an indicator that the skins did exist at one point or another. Personally I'd like to see the low-tie…
  • One step forwards, two steps back. Another optional festival that I will choose not to participate in. Rewarding only Slaughter gear and jewellery is pointless to me. For example, look at Europe TERA's Festival of the Sun, they get Slaughter gear PL…
  • You've got until Tuesday, August 6 to log in with an active elite subscription to get the wardrobe slots. Source
  • Class changes are great. Sorc and warrior crit chance glyphs are very good, as well as Archer crit passive. Manglemire is ok, I love the lack of trash mobs so we can go straight to the boss. Kumas Royale instant queues are great however it's frustra…
  • I think the cost of enchanting is fine. How about an event to actually increase the awakening enchanting success rate instead? Triple success rate events happened for up to +12 but why not for +15 too?