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  • Did you download tera from steam? if so i have the same issue and have been since the valk patch. what you need to do is go into task manager and close out all steam windows then go into your program files > steam > steamapps > common > …
  • (Quote) I've gotten 4 and my bf has gotten 0. He's mad AF >.>;
  • spawn rate is generally still crap, and its a holiday weekend so more people will be online more likely. spawn rate seems to still be better in higher level areas ive seen. But there are areas less traveled that no boxes spawn it seems. (i'm in TR)
  • 2 hours 1 box. Not Happy :( Spawn rate Is serious crap. Even the Easter event spawn rate was better then this. Heres a fix >Slightly lower tokens and add more spawn > Add more spawn keep tokens as is cause it would make your players [filtered…
  • Similar issue with the launcher. I can launch the launcher but the game no matter how many times i click on play the game itself refuses to launch. Launcher did a update/patch and i cant launch the game to play. been trying for about an hour now for…
  • (Quote) Land Fishies Gime Gime XD
    in Water mounts? Comment by Tibix May 2017
  • Almost every game I've played has had some sort of colorblind mode.... Sides for tera :( I also second making a colorblind version of the boss mechanics that appear on the ground. (I believe that's what you were talking about) As well as a color b…
  • I just wish things would go back to the old reset. i get my fed bills at 8 pm,vanguard resets at like 11am which is 3-4 hours after im already up playing tera. No one has love for us Est. i dont even know when the hell my elite stuff comes in cause …
  • (Quote) with fashion coupons i wish we could wear all the armor peices and not be restricted to cloth class, leather class, ect.. its a costume it shouldnt be restricted. i personally as a preist would LOVE to wear some reaper armor costumes cause …
  • (Quote) YES rubber ducky!(maybe a rainbow one too like the many colored fleece too) Bhs do it dont let our dreams be dreams DAMNIT!
    in Water mounts? Comment by Tibix May 2017
  • hopefully this will solve the issue. im curious as to whether this is effecting both elite scroll users and elite subscribers or just one or the other. im on (gmt -4) as a elite sub and have been having issues like many others with boxes my loggin i…
  • The thought of possibly getting a unity stole made me squee. I WANS EET @[email protected]
  • I'd Like to see the candy item and stoles rollable like armor pieces cause some people don't want the stoles and get them and i myself DONT NEED ANY MORE CANDY x.x;; or hell make the candy tradeable i know some lancers who would eat that candy as fa…
  • Me and my boyfriend have been having the same issues on the same days as well as other guild members. Dates for no boxes are 5/9, 5/13, 5/16 Located in the US, east coast (so est) Usual check in is around 8am-10am and i'm on all day. Usual log out i…
  • I wish the candy was tradeable. x.x i hate the damn things. id rather give them to someone who eats mp. i just want a stole x.x