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  • (Quote) Tempest Reach (EST) And in turn we have currently lost 3 days of elite boxes once on 5/9 another on 5/13 and lastly today 5/16 and possibly more who knows. We pay for this stuff, real money. This should NOT be a problem in tera.
  • unity stole! unity stole! unity stole!
  • I dont see why they cant say something in the quest about it though like "unobtainable" like they do with quests when you hit lvl 65 that only give exp. It just sits in peoples quest logs like its a finished quest and people will still sit…
  • issue happened again today on 5-13 no boxes was fine past 2-3 days on time with fed bills (tempest reach server currently 1:43 am est on 5-14 no boxes all day) Edit So far 5-16-2017 no boxes currently 8:09pm eastern And still nothing for the 2 days…
  • same issue here and confirming with elite guild members date 5-9 and 5-13 no elite boxes we are on the tempest reach server. submitted ticket as well (currently 1:39 am eastern on 5-14 still no boxes) EDIT So far 5-16-2017 no boxes again currently 1…
  • (Quote) Good idea yes but have a level cap for bams in general if your such and such level above the bam, tokens wont drop so no one can abuse it. same with leveling dungeons but with thoes maybe a 5 level above the dungeon cap cause ive had past e…
  • lol i saw that yesterday had a good laugh cause they diddnt get the right format for the image. i had issues with that when making my guild logo. .bmp 24bit image 64x64 and do not write the color space info
  • And servers are still down. nice one tera great 5 year aniversary
  • TR server with elite sub and no boxes yesterday either but FB via parcel came in fine. same thing with my boyfriends account in TR server paid sub and no boxes
  • same here with me and my boyfriend