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  • I think Jan 15 the pvp update introduces a new BG mode and it should replace FWC completely.
  • How about making it party related so everyone gets the kill. The way it is now feels anti-priest friendly and why i avoid iod. I useally farm it with my friend and the kills rotate between us. Even with keen motes and a dps setup for priest its stil…
  • (Quote) again i'm working off base stormcry. I have had a 20% chance of success with scrolls on my gear as i've only had 3 work. The keys are limited to the 14 day login period so in a way you should see a bit more success (even garenteed to give y…
  • pulled 5 stormcry scrolls, 3 weapon/2 gloves.....all 5 failed and im trying to get +5 at least on all my base SC gear for priest. This event doesn't even give u item xp or fail stack percents to make it even worth the effort.