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  • Hello everyone. I am new to the channel, and wanted to post an event I usually run for the guild I am in, that I am opening to the server. I run Forbidden Guilds RP events, and am announcing that there will be an [filtered] class, open to the se…
  • I have a good story idea for a large scale RP in Tera, if anyone is interested. I was part of one in the past, and I have run lots of RP events for the guild I am in, so it would not be difficult for me. I just need to know if there is interest, a…
    in RP class Comment by Trellain June 2019
  • The Tavern may not be around in Velika much anymore, and my time in Tera is limited. But feel free to add me to whisper me for RP if you see me on, or ask to join in any of the guild events I run.
  • I have lots of screenshots from my time in Tera of places i would travel, to enjoy the view, or just to relax. Unfortunately, the forum will not let me post things directly. :/
  • I have visited almost all the places here, and a few not shown. I would love to trade locations with fellow explorers, and I sometimes run an explorers club for members of the guild I am in. Please look me up in Tera, if you are interested.
  • It would be nice, it was a nice status symbol of accomplishment, if your guild won a sky castle. There was even one that could be used by anyone, that sat over the beach near Castanica
  • Remember when you could explore Tera, and discover new things, without running into invisible walls.
  • So can anyone tell me what happened to the Sky Whales recently? They seem to have disappeared from southern Shara.
  • I sometimes help serve at the tavern, if they are there when I log in. Otherwise, message me on Trellain.De.Drowvani I am always interested in RP.
  • you can message me in Tera as Trellain.De.Drowvani
    in RP class Comment by Trellain July 2017
  • Not this weekend, but maybe next, when I am free I can run it. I will have to see about a time to do it, that does not conflict with events I run for Forbidden
    in RP class Comment by Trellain July 2017
  • I am always looking for RP, when I am in Tera, and not running an event.