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  • Let's see how to put this, I played tera when it was p2p, I left the game and came back when it went free to play, I played when the cap went from 60 to 65, then left shortly after clearing schm when it released. I came back again right before rk9hm…
  • oh btw that title was back from 2013 knxx first clear on server, only 20 people on each server got it
  • yeah, clear x number of times titles that glow are a pretty big joke. They look decent but lets be honest, after about 5 or 6 clears you've got it on farm. Pro Raider Mark I still sounds like the only title that has any sort of prestige behind it. I…
  • I would like to point out that the GM post only covers about a year or so of the 5 years of the game. In the early days of WHHM - Bander's 1080 butthole even with graphics as low as possible Sept. 2013 - the day i found jesus BRHM first week …