[PC] We are aware of issues surrounding the event EP booster, and are working to resolve this. Currently, we are working towards having this fixed on Tuesday, 02/25 in a hotfix maintenance. We will have further details as we approach this fix. Thank you for your patience and understanding!



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  • people complained its to hard to find parties for bams , bhs listened and fixes people complained it took to long, bhs listened and fixes people complained it was to hard, bhs listened and fixes people complained questing was to boring, bhs liste…
  • Maintenance has been extended. We will notify you with an update ASAP. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the length of this unexpected Maintenance extension. they dont know them self i guess
  • maybe they could add them into RNG boxes for the online shop and make some money with it, good idea! NEW CLIMB DOWN FUNCTION LOOTBOX 4,99! CLIMB DOWN TODAY!
  • I find the steam chart becomming a not very reliable source for player count, the game always has up and downs, old players leave and new players come, but the problem here at some point is a lot of those old and new players also come from EU (or ot…
  • you mean how long will the dungeon stay? (if so then i would guess half a year or something ? they tend to remove it with new patches)
  • i did not play much this whole event but i ended up with more then enough stuff just from the crab spawning and overall they are fun, i think this is one of the more ballanced events they had in the last few years overall, we just got to spoiled bef…
  • rather then a daily deal i would love to see the glasses/ rims back in the permanent store? or in the coupon store!. i mean what, if i break the pair i'm wearing now!? i'll be blind like a bat for days, weeks,months ! YEARS! (this is totaly why i ge…
  • they had those since the start, the main villan of this area also has a rogue outfit on and stuff
  • i had some tera leters left from last event but they got stolen =( sad sad day for hoarders everywhere
  • they prob dont want to pay for night shift hours or maybe they did it so its easyer if something go's wrong and they have to call in help? last year they pushed maint back from 7 am to 8am so don't count on it happening earlyer. and even though they…
  • maybe you hit to hard, the mote drop when they rage and if you kill the firefang to fast he will go into shield phase and when you are done with the mobs, rage mode tends to ends and you get no mote
  • its funny how fast ps4 and xbox servers look like pc servers =) warrior is a hard class overall btw so keep trying your best, there will be a patch later on where warriors get there own edges instead of shared onces. and you can tell how much edge h…
  • im not sure about the glitch or nothing but there used to be a dungeon outside habere so maybe that could explain it? same for Amena Quatla, it had a dungeon portal at one time or another too (lvl 52 ascent of saravash when it was still a fun dungeo…
  • overall all the hp regen mounts come from lootboxes , cant derectly buy them
  • did you die inside the room you had to port too? if so try to find out how to reset a dungeon/instance for the consoles and restart it .