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  • they recently(?) removed most of their stock from the cash shop for whatever stupid reason. costumes are also character specific so once you use it on them you can't wear it on any other character.
  • (Quote) lmao you really out here acting like this huh nobody wants anything handed to them, we just want a little less boring grind. a little less grind in general. it took me two days of nothing but grinding to go from 67 to 68 just to play the ne…
  • (Quote) are you in a party? cause it seems to not count mobs like that for me when i'm in a party the most often. otherwise, this has been an ongoing prrrroblem? for years now.
  • (Quote) i remember they banned it for a while? or at least doing so on the forums, back when there WAS a trade section. did they change their policy on name selling recentlyish?
  • (Quote) if you had it at max level (or at least 60) that would be one thing. but just hoarding a name on a level one character on the off chance someone will come back is kinda cruddy and sucks for people who are active more often. yeah, life happen…
  • it sounds like you're going to have to reset the dungeon. if press enter to bring up the chatbox and type /reset and press enter, it'll reset the entire dungeon and should bring the boss back. you will have to do the dungeon again up to that point t…
  • (Quote) if it helps, all three costumes i mentioned were all tradeable.
  • (Quote) well to be fair you can only buy the swimsuits during a certain point of the year can't you? i actually don't know what the entire pool of costumes they pull from is so i can't really comment on the premium thing. i assume it's most of the c…