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  • Possible bug. Unless they changed it to that style, i hope for you and many others its a bug though
  • Im with the both of you as well! I enjoy this game (although all i do is F I S H E Y) and would hate to see it go out.
  • I hope its a bug not a nerf or "balance". I enjoy my brawler, but if you take away mouning rage...its like removing valks Ragna, makes it a rather lame class (not saying any class is bad, just saying that would really ruin the classes main…
  • Its a legit 39 gb dungeon lol. Ik theres a few things added in like pvp and the new speed run dungeon thing (this will breed elitism imo) but it really shouldnt be that big. My tera didnt come with dungeons or pvp so rip (jk but i love saying this a…
  • To be fair, you DONT speak for everyone. Me personally im not a fan of that costume. Side note, im really glad to see the rogue set, however unless i can find it in broker at a fair (lol) price ill be unable to get it. Pretty sick irl, so I cant ge…
  • 1- That would be great! 2- Hey its all good. If its not meant to be, then its not 3- Im looking forward to it! 4- Huh, was always told it was a bug. Glad I asked now! Heck i tried one day for like 5 hours to take it down, now i know why i never saw …
  • 1- To be fair its Halloween, when I was young I enjoyed being a ninja or dark warrior NEVER the madhatter or a chessy skeleton lol. It is what it is, ill keep my money till it gets re released or by then ill have the gold to buy via broker and not …
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